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A Thousand Years’ Promise


国家: 中国
原文名称: 千年之约
英文名称: A Thousand Years’ Promise
年: 2016
导演: 李太岩子
制片人: 何钦、戴普锐
时长: 4:09

During the Yuan Dynasty (A.D.1271-1368), there were 100 monks living in the Hundred-Monk Temple of Pingyang County, Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province, China. They worked hard and practiced Buddhism sincerely. Unfortunately, a terrible earthquake shook the region. The temple and all the monks were buried with their wishes of promoting Buddhism. A thousand years later, the present abbot, Master Shi Zeli and Master Shi Juerong of Yunxiang Chan Temple, get to know the story of the one Hundred-Monk buried deep at the foot of the mountain behind the temple. So they made a grand wish to recover the glories of the temple.

country: China
original title: 千年之约
english title: A Thousand Years’ Promise
year: 2016
director: Litai Yanzi
producer: He Qian, Dai Purui
running time: 4:09