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Dragon Fruit


国家: 西班牙
原文名称: Pitahaya
英文名称: Dragon Fruit
中文名称: 火龙果
年: 2014
导演: Albert Espinosa
制片人: Arantxa Roca, Adrià Coll
时长: 14:45

A young boy goes on a school field trip to the huge Mercabarna foodstuff market. As the class learns about the unknown ‘city’ that feeds Barcelona, he tries to muster all his courage. Little does he know that this bravery will be tested by an experience that will become a turning point in his life.

country: Spain
original title: Pitahaya
english title: Dragon Fruit
year: 2014
director: Albert Espinosa
producer: Arantxa Roca, Adrià Coll
running time: 14:45