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Marriage of Surina


国家: 中国
原文名称: 苏日娜的婚事儿
英文名称: Marriage of Surina
年: 2016
导演: 吴雪冰, 孙昌海, 马志军
制片人: 杨振清, 张崇猛
时长: 26:05

This short film is produced by the Inner Mongolian Education Center in cooperation with Zaluteqi region. The film is based on a true story. Two formerly friendly clans because of disputes over the grassland find themselves in conflict with each other. This unresolved debate influences the love of two youngsters belonging to the respective clans. They are about to serve their local community but under the given circumstances it is more easily said than done. The actors are real farmers, their play is sincere and natural. The film will take you to a very natural surrounding inhabited by very natural people.

country: China
original title: 苏日娜的婚事儿
english title: Marriage of Surina
year: 2016
director: Wu Xuebing, Sun Changhai, Ma Zhihui
producer: Yang Zhenqing, Zhang Chongmeng
running time: 26:05