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国家: 中国
原文名: 称内丘神码
英文名称: Neiqiushenma
年: 2016
导演: 左爱萍
制片人: 刘立滨,武亚军
时长: 13:25

Neiqiushenma is considered the living fossil of New Years’ wooden prints. Its simple, rough, yet elegant contours – drawn since ancient times – represent a very unique human reflection of natural deities of the heaven. This film takes us to the home of Wei Jinjun, the only remaining master of neiqiushenma to witness his efforts in preserving the tradition, an unrewarded, hard and solitary fight.

country: China
original title: 内丘神码
english title: Neiqiushenma
year: 2016
director: Zuo Aiping
producer: Liu Libin, Wu Yajun
running time: 13:25