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Shepherd Lonely

孤寂的气候科学家黯然失色带着他的科学观察定论参与到团队里。 寡言,孤独的牧羊人发现了科学家在边缘北极与大自然的友谊。

国家: 丹麦
原文名称: Shepherd Lonely
英文名称: Shepherd Lonely
中文名称: 孤独的牧羊人
年: 2017
导演: Frederik Jacobi
制片人: Tine Fischer
时长: 14:59

A lonely climate scientist has to come to terms with his own insignificance and the absurdity of his scientific observations. With few words Lonely Shepherd explores the relationship between scientist and nature in a remote corner of the Arctic.

country: Denmark
original title: Shepherd Lonely
english title: Shepherd Lonely
year: 2017
director: Frederik Jacobi
producer: Tine Fischer
running time: 14:59