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国家: 中国
原文名称: 暖暖
英文名称: Warm
年: 2016
导演: 李佩遥
制片人: 李争
时长: 20:00

A 6 year old girl of a single parent is sent to her grandfather – who is living alone for some years – to stay with him for a while. But because their life style is different, there are frequent misunderstandings between them. The little girl is preparing a present for his grandfather for his soon to have birthday, but meets refusal by the old man. The grandfather however is harbouring a guilty conscience because of his manner and changes his behaviour. As a result, their relation improves a lot.

country: China
original title: 暖暖
english title: Warm
year: 2016
director: Li Peiyao
producer: Li Jing
running time: 20:00